In the beginning, there was chaos! The world was darkness, fear and dread! But then the Gods arose from the blackness and slew the Demons of Darkness. They banished them to the dimension of evil and brought light and order where before there was none. However, the Demons were furious with the Gods and sought ways into the plains that the Gods now created. Life blossomed in a thousand worlds when the Gods sowed their seed. But soon afterwards, death consumed these crops when the Demons of the Underworld succeeded in breaking down these heavenly wonders. Therefore, out of their own blood, the Gods created the Heart of Ancaria to unite all living things and seal off the plains. Fire, earth, water, air and space flowed into this Worldstone, the foundation of all existence. The Demons raged against the Gods who had banished them and they sought to possess this Worldstone. However, the paths leading to the mortal world were barred, so they spread mistrust, poverty, hunger and pestilence among the creatures of the Gods and they filled the hearts of mortals with a lust for war, destruction and a craving for absolute power...

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